A Farther Distance

November 27, 2012

Dear Diary,

Another walk with Mom today.  This time she said she was prepared to help me and encourage me. (I saw her put the treat bag in her pocket. YES!)

We went the same way as yesterday.  It is the way we usually go whether walking or biking.  Mom says we go this way because it is not too hilly and has very little traffic. We pass only one house, which is the Doggie
B & B  where I stay when Mom and Dad go away.  I always feel safe there.

So I headed out with great enthusiasm and confidence. Until we got to the point where we turned around yesterday.  I wasn’t going to go any farther.  We had been safe this far yesterday, but you can’t really see very far down the road from there.  And the scary sounds were somewhere that way.






(See what I mean.)

Mom made me sit.  She made me look at her.  She gave me a treat and then encouraged me to go a little farther.  I stayed right close to her.  Maybe she thinks that I was trying to make her feel safe.  Actually, I feel safest right by her side.

(This is my nervous look.)







I was a little nervous.  But she kept encouraging me (and rewarding me).  She talked a lot and sang to me.  Next thing I knew we were almost home.  SAFE!!

Owner of The Sensible Dog.com

Miles today: 2.


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